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AKC Breeder of Merit

Current Litter:

Fire X Hobby December 2014

Past Litters:

Tubby & Hobby 2013

Chase & Sky 2011

Asher & Sky 2010

Player & Tilly 2009

Chase & Sky 2008

Griffin & Spritz 2008


Our males are not bred to pet females.

Females coming to our males must be worthy of being bred. They must pass
health clearances, be titled, and be an asset to the breed.

Important Statements about the Breed

The United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA):

The Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Toy Australian Shepherd are not recognized or considered varieties of the Australian Shepherd by this organization, the United States Australian Shepherd Association, Inc. (USASA), or by the American Kennel Club (AKC).   Since these dogs are not AKC registered, they cannot be verified by USASA as purebred, and therefore are not considered Australian Shepherds by this organization.

The USASA does not support the purposeful breeding of Miniature Australian Shepherds and Toy Australian Shepherds, and expects all members who have breeding programs to breed to the USASA/AKC recognized standard of excellence. The USASA further expects all members to be ever vigilant in the preservation and protection of the Australian Shepherd.

The Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA):

The Miniature Australian Shepherd, North American Shepherd, North American Miniature Australian Shepherd, and/or Toy Australian Shepherd breeds are not recognized as a variety of Australian Shepherd by ASCA . The club considers such dogs to be a distinct and separate breed and will not accept them into its registry. 

"Our bylaws state that ASCA 's purpose is: 'To encourage members and breeders to accept one breed standard for the Australian Shepherd as approved by the Club as the only standard of excellence by which Australian Shepherds shall be judged.' It is the mission of this club ASCA  and the mission of its members to preserve the breed rather than change it."


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